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Let's face it, none of us have bags of money to throw around.

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We all love the salons and there comes a time where we occasionally need a little Nip/Tuck.


My husband manages the house repairs, but I find the best deals around… and so can you.

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Sports Stockings

Every woman should carry one of these in their purse if you're anythign like me. Never know when I might jog and these really help out!


I met Billie Howard at a convention and she was an amazing speaker. I just love her forward thinking website.

On Amzn

Ok, so its not on sale, but my husband says it's the best book on digital disruption, which is one of the hottest trending topics online.


Getting Hands-On with the House of We. It's branding that brings me to the deals and these folks are the best.

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